Seminole Indian Product

Theme: Conflict.

History of the Seminole Indians-

Seminole Indians are Native American people who came from Florida, and now mainly live in Oklahoma and Florida.

In the 9th century around 3000 Seminole Indians were forced west of the Mississippi River in the Indian Removal Act. Around 300 stayed in the Everglades of Florida. Many waves of troops were sent to the Everglades to move them west of the Mississippi River with the rest of the Indians. The Indians knew the land very well, so when the troops would come they would hide in the swamps and attack the troops boats. The Seminole Indian leader Osceola also hid in the swamps. Osceola got malaria in the swamps which led to his death.

The First Seminole War lasted from 1814 to 1819. The last waves of troops led by General Jesup was the first wave to defeat the Indians. General Jesup did not “fairly defeat” the Indians. When Jesup came the Indians raised a white flag of truce. Instead of Jesup not attacking and instead talking to the Indians, Jesup had his troops attack and capture the Indians.

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